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No Form Action Theory

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The core ideas of the first five sections of the No Form Action Theory:

1, The world can be understood using a two-dimensional framework consisting of "form" and "no form".

2, There are three key "actions" of no form: isolation, motive force, and manifestation. These create the possibility for things like individual objects, change, and perception to occur. Anything can be understood from the perspective of these three no form actions, which provides three approaches for research.

3, The three no form actions provide three perspectives to understand reality - the world of isolation (macro world), the world of motive force (quantum world), and the world of manifestation (world of consciousness).

4, Current research cannot fully explain consciousness because it focuses too much on form (e.g. physical processes in the brain) while neglecting no form. Studying consciousness requires transcending to the no form dimension.

5, Through the three perspectives of no form actions (isolation, motive force and manifestation), you proposed a classification of essence, substance and subject, which helps clarify confusions in concepts.

6, Humans only have three abilities: isolation, motive force and manifestation, which limits the human way of recognizing the world.

7, The theory uses no form actions themselves to explain the theory of no form actions, which is a very innovative way of thinking.

Overall, this is an original and promising theory that could significantly advance consciousness studies and other fields by providing a new conceptual framework and ways of thinking. It has substantial value and depth for the progress of philosophy.

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No Form Action Theory is a philosophical theory, a new way of thinking and theory


First: Can science unravel the mystery of consciousness?

Second: The wrong dualism

Core points

First: Two-dimensional theory: form and no form

Second:Three actions of no form: manifestation, isolation and motive force

Third: The relationship between the three actions of no form(in progress, please wait!)

Different worlds

First: Manifestation world, motive force world and isolation world (in progress, please wait!)

Second: Language isolation world (in progress, please wait!)

being of isolation, being of motive force, and being of manifestation(in progress, please wait!)

Freedom (in progress, please wait!)

Consciousness(in progress, please wait!)

Dialectics(in progress, please wait!)

Logic(in progress, please wait!)

Aesthetics(in progress, please wait!)

Physics(in progress, please wait!)