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No Form Action Theory

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No Form Action Theory is a philosophical theory, a new way of thinking and theory

Author: Hongbo Sun 2023/04/18

What is "no form"? The simplest answer is: if Aristotle discovered form, then I discovered "no form". To be precise, Aristotle was able to understand and use form effectively, and I also understood and used "no form" effectively.The biggest problem for Aristotle and other philosophers is that they did not figure out what "no form" is. This is also a defect in philosophy from then until now. Until now, the philosophy that people study is still based on the philosophy of form. Almost no one studies things without form, or they don't understand what "no form" is. Because according to Aristotle's way, it is impossible to obtain an understanding of no form.

The no form action theory is a set of philosophical theories that I formed in the process of studying consciousness. I was inspired by computers and programming languages around 2013 and formed the rudiment of no form action theory. It was not until 2019 that I had a new breakthrough. It has been 10 years since then. The most gratifying thing now is the advent of epoch-making AI like new bing, which makes me originally plan to study for another 5 to 10 years before publishing the no form action theory. And now I feel that one year is enough. Because it can quickly help me do a lot of things, it can communicate with me about my no form action theory, and it will raise very clear and relevant questions.

Because there is no single word in English that can accurately express this highest-level no form action, I invented the English word "noformaction" with the help of new bing to express the no form action. This is necessary, because this word is too important, so a dedicated English word must be created to express it.

A valuable philosophical theory must be able to solve difficult problems. The no form action theory can solve the following problems: What is consciousness? Including the mind-body problem, the qualia problem, what is self? What is freedom? How is logic generated? What is dialectics? What is the essence of beauty? What is space? What is time? What is motion and change? Quantum mechanics problems: quantum superposition and quantum entanglement (this problem must be discussed in metaphysics). It can be said that no form action is the most basic action in this world, the highest level of action. The mode of operation of everything in this world is based on the mode of no form, which is the most basic mode of operation of this world.